planning for the unexpected

According to the Australia Bureau of Statics (and based on an estimate of the population as at 30 June 2019 with assumed growth), they project that a person will pass away in this country every 3 minutes and 17 seconds. Whether death is expected or unexpectedly occurs, the people we leave behind inevitably have to arrange our funerals, go through our possessions, and make arrangements for the things we have accumulated over time.

The majority of us will have some sort of asset held in our name, whether it have financial significance or not, that can be bestowed upon our loved ones or even charities when we pass. It is also common that people don't really think about what happens to those things and may incorrectly assume it automatically is inherited by a spouse or family members which may not be the case. Families can be torn apart and turmoil left in the aftermath of your passing.

As much as we plan our lives, we must plan for what happens after life, and that's where a Will comes in. A Will is a legal document that outlines your wishes for the distribution of your assets upon death. By having a Will, it takes the guess work out of having to make tough decisions by those you love and, ensures everything you have worked hard for in life, goes where you want it. Keeping a Will up-to-date is just as important.

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