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The end of life is not something we often think about, but it is a certainty, it will happen to us all someday. We can prepare for that time by putting our affairs in order rather than leaving behind a puzzle for our loved ones to try to piece together. Especially at a time when they will be dealing with the emotional struggle over the loss of someone they love.


You may have a business, savings in a bank account, an investment, life insurance, own a property, or even have retirement funds. Providing instructions on what to do with your assets means your final wishes can be carried out as you intended, and takes the guess work away from your family from having to make tough decisions in the end.

Most people do not realise that if you pass away without a will, your assets may not pass automatically to your spouse. For example, if you had a previous marriage, your previous spouse may still have claim to your estate and assets which may not be your preference. We often see examples of this and families torn apart as a result.

Once you have a Will in place, it is also just as important to ensure that you keep it up-to-date. Your life circumstances may change and in this case, you may need to include or remove certain things from your Will. That might include a change in  relationship, change to the family’s asset pool, or a change in a business amongst other things.

At DQ Solicitors, we assess your financial position and do everything necessary to arrange for you to have a plan in place that caters for your individual circumstances. We will guide and support you every step of the way while preparing your documentation.

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